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And then... Covid-19

Wow. It can seem really scary and it honestly feels like there is pressure pushing in from all sides. Like many people right now, my family is feeling the crush of this both emotionally and financially. The kids are stuck at home, the aquarium is closed, and dang cute fish orders have almost completely stopped. Its understandable... So many people have lost jobs, or lost hours. Money is tight and times are uncertain...

We are trying to do our part to keep people upbeat by having a #cutestfishface contest over on our Instagram! If you haven't seen it yet, go over and check it out! The plus side of this social isolation is we are getting to spend a lot more time appreciating whats at home, if that is fish for you, then I hope you are enjoying some quality aquarium time :)

Luckily for @dangcutefish, our operation is small. It's just me and Mr. Dangcutefish working from home, so we will stay open and supplying all your cute fish needs!

- ❤ Kelli

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