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@dangcutefish celebrates #plasticfreejuly

One of the things I've struggled with in starting this business is making it plastic free! Plastic packaging is just so... cheap... and... easy. And its nice to be able to put our magnet and sticker sets together in a package. It makes it easier to prep our products so during the week, we can just pull them out of our organization rack and ship them out. But putting all that plastic in the world goes against everything we believe in! So we went on a search for paper packaging that you could see through and would be biodegradable. There are some wax paper options, but they leave residue on our products, which is unacceptable. So... what do you do when you can't get what you need? You make it yourself! So we cut the tracing paper envelopes onsite, then hand glue each one. Its a bit of extra work and adds about $0.02 per product, but its sooooo worth it! Our shipping envelopes are also paper, which means we can ship your orders with NO PLASTIC! And it doesn't stop in July, this is a permentent eco-friendly change!

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