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Details, details, details...

This week was a busy one! I'm extremely busy at my day job, and Mr. DCF is busy keeping things running while I'm gone. But we did manage to fine tune some small, but important details.

For starters, I learned how to make a thumbnail for YouTube videos! It sound silly and simple, but my social media research mission has taught me how important first impressions are! You basically need it to be eye catching, but not click-bait, meaning it needs to reflect what is actually in the video. While it might be tempting to put slightly misleading thumbnails up to entice people to click on the video, YouTube will actually count those views against you if people are only watching for ten to fifteen seconds. And if someone watches all the way through and doesn't get what was advertised, they will probably not subscribe or watch again. YouTube for us isn't the goal of our business, but rather another way for us to share what we do and link people back to our Instagram gallery and products. So its important we protect our brand, even if it means slower growth on that platform.

We've also been working on better schedules for publishing all things DCF. We've been posting new fish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a while, but like YouTube, Instagram rewards certain behaviors on the platform. One of those things is posting regularly. So we've been looking for additional content to post the other four days, and have settled on a #throwbackthursday fish collage, new product Tuesdays, and random fun things on the weekend days. We failed yesterday and didn't post anything... BUT today is another day!

This weeks Mantra: Focus on the big picture, but don't forget the details!

- ❤ Kelli

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