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Shark Week, Ooh ahh ahh!

Wow! Shark week was a busy one for us! I planned ahead and got all the drawings done a few weeks ago, so I was able to actually post new products at the same time as I was posting them to Instagram. Everyone seems excited about shark week and we sold lots of shark related items! If you ever order from us, make sure to tag us on Instagram so we can repost them! I love seeing #dangcutefish in the wild!

Its great talking to people about sharks. People always feel some kind of way about sharks. Do you love sharks? Are you afraid of sharks? Maybe both? All answers are good answers, and I fall in the last category. I swim with sharks in my day job at least once a month, and I have no fear when doing that. But that's partly because the sharks I dive with aren't species of sharks responsible for the small number of shark attacks that have occurred. Most species aren't. There are actually only a handful of shark species that have ever had negative interactions with humans in the wild. I believe that a little bit of fear, or maybe better said respect, is important when entering water where large species of mammal-eating sharks live. The idea of entering an African plain full of lions armed with nothing but your bikini and beach ball seems pretty foolish, but it happens on beaches globally every day! Much like the lions, sharks are incredibly important to their ecosystems, keeping their prey species in check and balancing food webs. Reefs without sharks often have too many herbivorous fish species, which can be damaging to corals in large numbers. The truth is, every species is important and whether its shark week, or any other week, we need to protect sharks and preserve their ecosystems.

- ❤ Kelli

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