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Small Biz Roller Coaster

Wow. How things can change quickly! We knew it was going to be quiet after the holidays, but after such a crazy holiday shopping season, saying January has been quiet is a massive under statement. But the orders keep rolling in slow but steady, and as we've transitioned into February, they are coming in even faster!

Now I'm just working on getting caught up on the basics. All the packaging we premade for the holiday sales got quickly used up, and now every time Mr. Dangcutefish puts an order together, he has to put it all together... from scratch. So although not the most exciting... getting a jump start on our packaging prep and shipping materials has made for a very satisfying and productive weekend!

Also... I'm on a mission for some epic fish puns for a new project I'm working on, so if you have any good ones, let me know!

- ❤ Kelli

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