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We recently hit 1,600 followers on Instagram, and it feels like I'm hitting a stride. But all 1,600 eggs are in one basket. I spent my weekend at my family reunion, and one key thing became clear. NONE of my family is on Instagram. So those easy likes from my great aunts aren't happening. I have a Facebook, but I don't spend a lot of time on it because Facebook seems pretty pay-to-play and for a small biz like ours, we can't afford to pump the money into Facebook it would take to be successful. So what does that leave? I'm sure my three twitter followers are riveted (one of those is my personal account) and I'm not really sure how Pinterest works anymore, but I post there anyway, waiting to be pinned by someone... anyone...

But in the age of social media, I have to be strong! Determined! Dedicated! And most of all... Brave in the face of possible failure. Sounds silly... failing at Twitter... or Pinterest... or YouTube... But the anxiety of failure is a strange beast, and we all fight it. So I started my renewed zest for social media today by sharing my YouTube channel on Instagram and Facebook, and I'll end strong by sharing this blog there too.

Be Brave! Be Strong!

- ❤ Kelli

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