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Time flies... to Inktober

It’s been about three weeks since I've added to this blog. It’s been crazy busy. In life, at work, and in my creative little cave. I've launched a bunch of new products for @dangcutefish and am working on some other fun side projects. Mommy life keeps me pretty busy, and all these extracurricular activities (just running a small business, nbd) have to fall outside of my normal aquarium-work and mommy-work times. Even now as I'm writing this, I hear little feet sneaking out of bed and it reminds me soooo much of me and my sisters as children. Sneaking. Creeping. Living out adventures. BRB, gotta go lay down the law.

Okay, 30 minutes later and I'm back. That's reality.

Today I did a mildly courageous thing by sharing my main art Instagram on my @dangcutefish page. I’ve had that page (@kellifishes) longer than DCF, but it’s not nearly as popular. Its all wrong for Instagram. Its not consistent in its content, I don’t post frequently or regularly, I don’t spend time writing catchy captions or making engaging stories. And it’s not always fresh and new. Its mostly a dump of all the art I’ve made before I started DCF, and the few sporadic pieces I’ve made since. But it’s a fun place for me to try new things and to push myself to practice.

If you're on Instagram, you should consider following the hashtags #inktober and/or #inktober2019. It’s an online art event that has happened for the last few years. There is a drawing prompt for each day of October, it’s just a word and super simple so you can draw a huge range of different things. If you are an artist, or enjoy being creative, consider joining the fun! To see my interpretation of the prompts, follow my art account @kellifishes on Instagram. I am feeling very ambitious to do the whole month and post every day! I only have two drawings done so far... But like the kids I hear sneaking back out of bed, my determination can overcome obstacles.

- ❤ Kelli

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Well said! I had to share it :)

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