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Traditional art turned digital

What's the difference between digital and traditional art? Exactly what you would think, digital is computer generated and traditional is made by hand with traditional media. I'm NO digital wizard... But I've been creating traditional art since I was a tot.

Traditional art is great. It looks nice hanging on a wall and it is a great way to tell a story. But when it come to making products, like we do with DCF, digital art looks cleaner and more professional. So I stick to my roots and use traditional media (pencils, markers, and color pencils) to do most of my work, and then take it into photoshop to clean it up, smooth it out, and make it an easy to post and use digital file. I love the traditional versions, and maybe one day I'll sell those too, in all their smudgy glory.

Its fun to try new things, but its also fun to find a way to use the art I've been making for so long in a more modern and usable way. And using art to create a catalog of dang cute fish? Even better!

See my latest drawing in action here:

- ❤ Kelli

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